Romantic unplugged song ‘Yeshil Na’ starring Pallavi Patil

Red bulb music has released their third new song . The new romantic unplugged song is titled ‘Yeshil Na’. It stars triple seat fame pallavi patil. Pallavi Patil’s performance in the song, the expression on her face, her beauty will make her fans fall in love with her once again. The melody of the song and the accompanying words are simply beautiful. Red bulb music has also produced ‘Lajira‘ and ‘Vasaichya Nakyawar’. The lyrics of the song are worth appreciating so do the song visuals. Visuals cast a different spell on the mind and are very attractive. Each and every  frame of the song is very eloquent and catchy and all the credit goes to the song’s director and  cinematographer Abhishek Jawkar.

In 2019, Pallavi Patil gave an impressive performance in Ankush Choudhary starrer ‘Triple Seat’.  Triple Seat made a descent collection of ₹3.75 Crore at the box office. This year, Pallavi Patil stars in a film titled, ‘Ajinkya’ which also stars Bhushan Pradhan, Prarthana Behere and Uday Tikekar. Back to the song, Red Bulb Music have started their new journey with ‘Lajira’ and they are bringing exciting and entertaining songs like Vasaichya Nakyawar’ and ‘Yeshil Na’ as well. Comment below your views regarding the song. Stay tuned with Marathi Khabri for exclusive updates.