Marathi OTT Platform ‘Letsflix’ coming in 2021

After the huge success of “Letsup” which is an infotainment & news app with more than 9 lakh downloads on the Play store, well-known entrepreneur & producer Narendra Firodia & Startup Studio Founder Rahul Narvekar are ready to enter the OTT Industry with the launch of their new OTT platform “Letsflix”. Their app ‘Letsup’ recently got the “AatmaNirbhar App Award” under the ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovative Challenge’ & their new upcoming launch ‘Letsflix’ will be a regional OTT platform that will stream Marathi movies, web series & original content. The launch of Letsflix was recently announced by them.

Letsflix Marathi OTT
Narendra Firodia & Rahul Narvekar (Letsflix Marathi)

Producer Narendra Firodia is the founder of many successful business ventures like ‘Sohamm’, ‘Anushka Motion Pictures’, ‘Letsup’ etc. He is also the president & sponsor of Maharashtra’s biggest stage play competition “Ahmednagar Mahakarandak”. Along with these ventures he has also produced Marathi films like ‘Aga Bai Arechyaa 2’ and ‘Triple Seat’.

Rahul Narvekar is also associated with this venture. Rahul started his journey as a scriptwriter in the early 90’s with some prominent filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap and Vijay Mourya. Later he began a new journey in the startup industry. He is also the co-founder of startups like and He is the founder of ‘Startup Studio’ and ‘India Network’.

OTT industry has increased a lot in the past few years & now even many Bollywood celebrities are eyeing on it. There’s no doubt that this brand new OTT platform “Letsflix” will present us with the best Marathi content! Starting a new Ott platform is definitely a challenging thing but this platform will also give new opportunities to everyone said Narendra Firodia. In addition to this he said, “When we begin something new, we face challenges. But we also have a talented team with us, so we are very positive & optimistic about the future. We are ready to face these challenges and give the best content to our audience. In India, every state has its own film industry. Our focus will be on regional content & we will start with Marathi content. For those who want to create films, web series & short films, or those who are looking for a platform to release it then we will give our platform to them to showcase their work.

The main motive behind starting this Marathi Ott platform, Rahul Narvekar said, “We already have an infotainment app called “Letsup” which has more than 9 lakh users, and most importantly the majority of them are Marathi. In one year we realized that people prefer video format compared to text format. Also, there is no OTT platform for Marathi so we also wanted to fill this gap. Letsup also has users outside India, so to present our Marathi songs, films to this Marathi generation who is born & brought up in foreign we could introduce Marathi content to them & create a liking for it.”. This brand new OTT platform is ready to launch in 2021.