‘Strawberry Shake’ starring Sumeet Raghavan and Hruta Durgule

During this look down time people are looking for entertainment content. Social Media and Web Series are in huge demand this days. Sumeet Raghavan and Hruta Durgule to work together in next project titled ‘Strawberry Shake’.

strawberry shake movie
Sumeet Raghavan and Hruta Durgule

Strawberry Shake is a new age drama. It is about a single father who tells his 19-year-old daughter to treat him as a friend but things go wrong when she brings her boyfriend home, creating an awkward situation for her father. It is short – film directed by Shoneel Yallattikar with Sumit Raghavan and Hruta Durgule is lead roles. Strawberry Shake seems to be a unique story. It would be interesting to see the content it will present to the audience. It will premiere on 15th April, exclusively on Zee5. Announcing the Short Film Festival Programming Head (Zee5 India) said, “We are looking forward to premiering the Short Film Festival on April 15. Given the current scenario, the team at Zee5 is expediting boundaries to provide its audience with unparalleled entertainment. The nine short films will also touch upon diverse conversation topics.”