‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ Fame Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena team up a music video

Marathi television show ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’ entertained the audience for 2 years. Now, show stars Sayali Sanjeev and Rishi Saxena have teamed up again for a music video titled Lajira. Sayali Sanjeev came into the limelight with her role Gauri in ‘Kahe Diya Pardes’. She is also Marathi Khabri’s top rising star of 2020. Sayali Sanjeev has been a part of many good Marathi films like Aatpadi Nights, Mann Fakiraa and AB Ani CD. Let’s check out official teaser.


Kahe Diya Pardes had a amazing success for Zee Marathi. The story showed us how conservative mindset can be broken with love and patience. Speaking about Rishi Saxena, he was also in the rumored list of bigg boss marathi season 3. Both actors received wide appreciation for their on-screen performance. The actors have come together for another music video. Sayali Sanjeev shared cover photo of her music video with the following caption.

 “तिच्या मनानं त्याच्या दिलावर. जणू इश्कच केलाय! त्यांच्या प्रेमाने त्यांचा जीव कसा बघ, लाजीरा झालाय" –अनुभव. एक कथा पुन्हा नाही घडू शकत पण जोडी? हां ती नक्कीच पुन्हा भेटू शकते...शिव गौरीची एक गोष्ट होती! आता एक गाणं चालेल? होऊ दे थोडा जीव लाजीरा??.

It would be interesting to see both stars teaming up for the music video. The teaser looks fabulous. Stay tuned with Marathi Khabri for more updates.