Celebrating 1 Year of Marathi Khabri

Today 26 October 2020, Marathi Khabri has successfully completed its first year. Marathi Khabri is the new generation blog intended to keep its readers updated with latest Marathi entertainment industry trends. We had over 100,000 visitors within a year. We are on a mission to become the biggest Marathi Entertainment blog in the world. Marathi Khabri is active in 3 main areas.

  • Marathi Khabri (Website): The blog has been our main platform for providing latest trends. We had over 100K+ visitors within 1 year on our website.
  • YouTube: After successful launch of the blog, Marathi Khabri expanded its boundaries towards videos. Marathi Khabri YouTube Channel now has 1900+ subscribers.
  • Social Media: It all started with Social Media. Marathi Khabri is active on Facebook and Twitter.

At Marathi Khabri, we aim to maintain high standards to provide unique and quality articles and videos to our readers. Marathi Khabri has grown a lot in just 1 year. We will continue to keep you updated with latest Marathi entertainment industry trends. Thank You and stay tuned for more updates!