Sonalee Kulkarni announces engagement with Kunal Benodekar on her birthday

kunal benodekar

Sonalee Kulkarni has made a special announcement on the occasion of her birthday. She has introduced her fiancé Kunal Benodekar. The Hirkani actress has made her engagement official and shared a bunch of photos. Kunal Benodekar currently works in Dubai. The couple got engaged on February 2, 2020 in Dubai itself. Sonalee Kulkarni wrote, “Before my birthday ends, I want to mark it by making a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Introducing my fiancé Kunal Benodekar!”

In an exclusive interview with Times of India, sonalee shared, “Kunal and I met in London during the shoot of Ti And Ti and hit it off instantly. We got engaged amidst the presence of our immediate family members. Two months ago, I had come to just meet him in Dubai as he works here, but I got stuck here because of the lockdown.” she said, “We didn’t want to announce a good news amidst the coronavirus outbreak. We both decided to wait for the situation to get better. Also, we had not received our engagement pictures because here the process took a longer time. So, I chose my birthday to share this special news with everyone.” Stay tuned with Marathi Khabri for exclusive updates.