Top Marathi Movie Franchise | Box Office Collection

Top Marathi Movie Franchise | Box Office Collection
Marathi movies are doing well these days apart from number of shows (theater). Building a franchise is one the of toughest thing in film universe. Which requires a strong positive response by critics & audience as well as good box office collection. But, there are many good franchise Marathi Industry has generated. Let’s get started. Here’s updated list.
1. Timepass [73+ Crore] 

Top Marathi Movie Franchise | Box Office Collection

Time Pass (2014) was widely appreciated movie of the Year. Film made 10 Crore in first 5 days of release. In 2 weeks it became highest grossing Marathi Movie. Timepass scored 7.6 at IMDB. It is a teenage love story set up in ’90s between Dagadu (Prathamesh Parab) and Prajakta (Ketaki Mategaonkar), also starring Bhalchandra Kadam and Vaibhav Mangle. It was directed by Ravi Jadhav. Produced by Nikhil Sane & Zee Studios.

Movie was made on a budget of Rs 2 Crore & made ₹33 Crore at box office. At the end of the movie, audience were teased by a credit scene, “to be continued”. On 1 May 2015, Timepass 2 was released worldwide. The love story of Dagdu and Prajakta continued. However, due to poor execution than first film. Timepass 2 scored 5.4 at IMDB. Timepass 2 grossed ₹40 Crore at Box Office Worldwide. Making it biggest Marathi Box Office Franchise. Overall, Timepass franchise grossed ₹73+ Crore.

 2. Lai Bhari – Mauli [66+ Crore] 

Ritesh Deshmukh starrer Lai Bhari was released on 11 July 2014. Within 2 weeks it broke the record of Timepass (2014) & became highest grossing marathi film. It ran more than 100 days in Maharashtra. Lai Bhari was made on a budget of ₹8 crore & grossed ₹40+ Crore at box office worldwide. However, due to predictable storyline it scored 6.2 at IMDB. After 4 Years, Mauli was released on 14 December 2018. Mauli was not a direct sequel to Lai Bhari but, was of same genre. Made on a budget of ₹10 Crore. Mauli grossed ₹26 Crore at box office. Overall, Lai Bhari – Mauli Franchise grossed ₹66+ Crore.

3. Mumbai Pune Mumbai [35+ Crore] 

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is an romantic drama movie series starring Mukta Barve and Swwapnil Joshi, released in 2010, 2015 & 2018 respectively.
IMDB Score
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 1 7.9
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 6.9
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 6.2
Watch the series, its awesome we don’t want to give spoilers. MPM 2 grossed ₹18+ Crore. MPM 3 made around ₹15+ Crore. Overall, Mumbai Pune Mumbai Franchise grossed ₹35+ Crore.

4. Boyz [25+ Crore] 


Boyz was released on 8 September 2017. Boyz is a social teenage comedy movie. Boyz grossed ₹10+ Crore at box office.
Boyz 2 grossed ₹15.5 Crore. Making it one of the good franchise. At this pace, it may cross Mumbai Pune Mumbai Franchise’s collection. Overall, Boyz Franchise is at ₹25+ Crore.
IMDB Score
Boyz 1 6.5
Boyz 2 6.8

5. Ye Re Ye Re Paisa [21+ Crore] 
A group of people from different walks of life undergo numerous struggles and problems in an attempt to fulfil their dreams.
IMDB Score
Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 1 6.5
Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2 5.0
YRYRP 1 grosses ₹10+ Crore. YRYRP 2 made around ₹11+ Crore. Seems Promising, Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 3 is still on the way. Stay tuned with Marathi Khabri to know more about it. Overall, Ye Re Ye Re Paisa Franchise stands at ₹21+ Crore.

6. Zapatlela [11+ Crore] 
Last but not the least. Zapatlela Franchise.
IMDB Score
Zapatlela 1 7.4
Zapatlela 2 5.5 (Disappointing)
Zapatlela 2 made around ₹11+ Crore at box office. Zapatlela is one of the Best Horror – comedy movie of Marathi as well as Hindi film industry. Zapatlela 2 was first marathi 3D cinema. But, the Storyline was way below when compared to first part. Well, Zapatlela 3 is on the way. Hope Director Mahesh Kothare will fix the plot. Overall, Zapatlela franchise stands at ₹11+ Crore.
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